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Frequently asked questions:

When does it start?

Right now the tournament starts at 2pm and runs until the early evening..

As soon as the Bills solidify their travel plans to Oakland the times could move up.

What’s the schedule?

D1 and D3 play starting at 2 and 2;30

D2 and D4 start at about 6PM – if you have tickets for Sabres /Avalance game sell them.

What are the tournament rules?

Each half is 15 minutes with a 2 minute half time..

There are no extra points

Each team gets 1 time-out per half – they don’t roll over

There will be a 1 minute warning per half with the clock stopping for 30 seconds.

There is NO punting.

Girl points are still 7 ½

What is the check in procedure?

Please check-in 1 hour before your game – time. Each player must sign-in on their team waiver. Each player are asked to bring a $1 donation that goes to the 50/50 draw and goes to the food bank – singles are appreciated. There is a $3 donation for fans.  Please no food donations.

What do the teams play for?

Each divison winner gets a division trophy

The overall winner gets a replica Vince Lombardi trophy! – plus M/ilesports championship tee-shirts.

New this year – the best 8th place finisher ( the team that comes in last place in their division with the most points) gets the tournament best

Teams not present can pick their trophy up the following Saturday at the tournament Kegger.

How do points work?

Each team that wins gets:

100 points for a win

½ point for each point scored

¼ point for point differential

ties get 50 points

Losers get 25 points

New this year:

D1 winners get 10 extra points added to their overall score

D2 gets 5 points to their overall score

D3 gets 2 points

D4 gets a handshake.

Who is reffing?

All refs have league reffing experience. Some refs may be the bills practice refs.

Things to remember:

Please clean up your teams area.. Too many times there are piles of plastic bottles and garbage by the team areas.

Clean your spikes outside the facility – if your spikes are dirty from playing in mud the place to clap them off is not on the sidelines.

Outside food is strictly frowned upon. The security may ask you to go eat outside. The concession stand will be open for food and drink.

Keep alcohol in your car ( Kelly ).

The refs are not there for you to scream at. If you insist on bringing your bad sportsmanship to the tournament your team won’t be allowed back in.

The schedule is what it is. Each session takes about 4 hours. Not 3! If your team has things to do don’t get in.

Follow these simple rules and have fun.



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Buffalo n.y.

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!!text 553-3839

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