lets rank each team…


Top seed

Addy’s high Nooners

Record 6-3

Best player – none


You know when it’s 5:55 and you’re the only team on the field and you start yapping at Moh that the league sucks because your team is the only ones there and Moh tells you to quit squawking because they’ll be there yada yada yada. Then these guys pull up en masse and start spilling out of 1 or 2 cars at 5:58. Yes these are the guys. It took weeks for these guys to get their act together but here they are. They finished strong. These guys can play when their starting lineup is there and Ryan’s head is right. Watch out.

Predicted finish - 1st place.



Second seed

Fighting lawn Flamingos

Record 5-4

Best player – George’s Father Kevin


Veteran’s. They play good fundamental Kickball. The flamingos weak side is the right side. If things go south its usually because the right side breaks down Good girl bunters. Downside; - they average less than 7 runs a game hardly Earth shaking. Watch out for catcher Alicia nagel, she will close-line you coming home if you’re not looking.

Predicted finish – 3rd.





Third seed

Team X

Record 3-6

Best player – X


A completely made up rec team. Never had the same line-up twice. Anemic offense and soft defense. It’s a miracle they made it this far. Could be out of the playoffs by 6:40

predicted finish – 5th.



Fourth Seed

Morris lawn Firm



Best player -Steve Lorenzo (ask him he’ll tell you)


These guys have the basics down. They keep losing because a guy player always has to run a go wee-wee and the guy that goes in for the pee-er does something stupid. Also, ever inning one girl will sit down to finish her white claw without telling anyone while the rest of the team goes out and they are always playing with 9 players. If they can straighten these defensive lapses they got a shot. Quick note - They “practiced this week.

predicted finish – 3rd.