week 4


Back to the Park…

We love the park. Good choice.




Drunk & Ready to Score / Team X +7

D&RtS won a big game against Addy Nooners last week which kept their record clean. Team X lost in the bottom of the 9th to Flamingos. D&RtS really has no soft spots. They have to make mistakes to beat them and they rarely do. Team X is a rec team that can score in spurts but have a lot of holes son defense. Like for Blase & company to use this game as practice for the 7PM game.


D&RtS by 6+


Free Ballers / Addy’s High nooners +3

Free Ballers beat up on Morris law firm. Addy’s high nooners lost to D&RtS. Frankly Free ballers continue to disappoint the league with their lackluster play. They came in with great fanfare and promised to bring a new winning dynamic to the Monday division. They’ve been anything but. Massive player changes already. League trash mouth Scott Klussmann has been a joke. He leads the team in errors and his on base percentage is below 200. That is brutal for kickball. Addy’s high nooners have been a pleasant surprise. Until last week they were undefeated. The jumped out to a 2-0 lead against D&RtS and sadly did not score again. The last time these two played Addy’s won a underdog 7-5. klussmann is adamant that it won’t happen again and vows to run the table.


Addy’s by 2



Fighting Lawn Flamingos / Morris law Firm +6


FLF won in the bottom of the 7th against Team X. Morris law firm is getting a little better each week and have not let their weak record take from their fun. FLF have been in the league longer than any other team and they know how to manufacture runs and wins. MLF is going through a minor player upgrade and should make the game interesting for a while.


Fighting Lawn Flamingos by 7



Free Ballers / Fighting Lawn Flamingos +5

Free balers captain Scott Klussmann declared loudly at swannie house last week that the losing was over and they were going to run the table and he would melt down the championship trophy and wear it like a medallion when ever league dictator Moh was around. We don’t see it. Besides a good coaching staff (Scott Keller senior) We don't feel much gaa-gaa over this team. The girls are just so-so. Stacie Keller gives a half hearted effort every week and the rest are just there. Free Ballers have to realize that they must play with more effort than most just to make up for Klussman's lack of game. Usually they don’t. Fans would like nothing more than to watch FLF get by Free ballers and take them down.


Free Ballers by 3



Drunk & Ready to Score / Morris law Firm +9

D&RtS is the best in the league. MLF is a rec team. They get better every game but probably

won’t have enough firepower to give D&RtS a real scare.


D&RtS by 8+


Addy’s High nooners +3 / Team X +3


This could be a fun game to watch. Both teams like to run damn the consequences. Neither team likes to allow the girl to bunt.


Addy’s by 2

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