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This is the Hot time. The time before the storm...fear the coming playoffs.





Friday Games

Losing streak / Dark Star +14

Last week losing streak beat up on Pali-Elites. Dark Star snuck by Fort Knox. This should be a good game but won’t be. Losing streak are the biggest bunch of whiners in the league but they can beat anybody. Jlaw is solidly in second place in overall MVP voting. Dark Star struggled against Fort Knox two weeks in a row they are hardly a team anyone should struggle with. QB Cory Turbin is in the middle of the pack of a week quarterback class for Friday nights. The Dark Star defense is warm cream cheese soft. It’ll be close for a series or two then Losing streak will pull away.


Losing Streak by 20+


Fort Knox / Razzle Dazzle + 10


Last week Fort Knox lost to Dark star. Razzle dazzle lost to 716. here’s what we saw last week. A wide open Kevin “Skywalker” Skyrynski wide open all game with 2 defenders trying to guard him and the Seth’s (Fonda and Connors) running back and forth making fools of themselves. For the Fort Knox fans it was hard to watch. Razzle Dazzle can’t get their act together. They keep t close then someone makes a mistake - an argument ensues, and someone ends up walking up quitting. It’s getting old and this is their last week to grab a victory.


Fort Knox by 8


Pali-Elites + / 716 +8

Last week Pali-Elites lost big-time to Losing streak. It was 716’s turn to beat upon Razzle Dazzle. Pali-Elites did not have their big three (Mo Salah, Dave Wilbern, and Shaq) last week and the two clowns they brought in were more hurt than help. It probably wouldn’t have mattered. We said if QB Mockmude threw1 or 2 jump ball picks down the middle they would be toast. He threw three. 716 brought the pummel stick with them last week and whipped Razzle Dazzle and both sides of the ball. The game means nothing to pail-Elites but 716 remains mathematically alive.


716 by 1


Woke up real dangerous / Bills Mafia +12


Last week Woke up real dangerous outlasted Arthur’s. Bill’s Mafia barely beat a pick-up team The warriors. Justin Ginter had his worst game off the season and Arthur’s unique defense (where everyone runs around not knowing what defense they are supposed to be playing) gave our boy fits. Arthur’s almost won. Bill’s Mafia didn’t play their best and almost lost to a combined pick-up team of Thee warriors and bamf ninjas. Insiders claim the BM WR Mike Hatsios played sober (not his policy) and stunk. Bills mafia will have a high hill to climb to win this game.


Woke up Real Dangerous by 10+


Arthur’s / The Warriors +3


Last week both teams lost. Arthur’s had a chance on the last drive and threw a pick in the end-zone against Woke up real dangerous. The warriors had a short-handed team and fooled around against Bills mafia. This is a repeat of a game two weeks ago were John “calamity” Caie flipped out at ref and got tossed. Arthur's defense has always been the same. Good pass rush by Shaniqua and the rest of the team run around like their asses are on fire and hopefully someone will make a play. The warriors haven’t really had the same 8 people at a game and maybe this week they’ll have a full team and be able to keep their mouths shut.


Arthur’s by 2


Travis Henry’s Kids +16 / Bamf Ninjas +4

Last week THK’s beat North Buffalo Knights. Bamf Ninjas outlasted Divas and destroyers. Travis Henry’s kids are a serious bunch 9 besides the goofy name). They have a serious agenda and come to play in a serious manner. If they win John Langley will have to be in the discussion as league MVP (if). The Bamf Ninjas are more of a crime family than team. The head of the Cartel is of course Jeremy Guarano. It Has been passed on (by Moh) that the Borchenicht brothers, Erik and Andy, have finally opted out. Not because of Covid but because of the tyrannical rule of Guarano. Rules have been put in place to stifle payers creativity and individuality. The Borchenichts were having none of it. THK has been known to met out justice before. This could be bamf Ninjas turn.


Travis Henry’s Kids by 10+


North Buffalo Knights / Divas and Destroyers +18


Last week – NBK lost a close one to Travis Henry’s Kids. D&D lost to the Bamf Ninjas. NBK fans are grumbling loudly about Chris Mekkers habit of “playing the odds” and punting at midfield. Chuck it deep to Akermann 3 times in the end zone. You have Angela for God's sake - ride that bus! The odds are with you. The fans don’t pay to see the knights taking the slow walk down the field to the opposing 10 yard line after punt. They pay to see the Knights stars making catches. D&D had a good opening day. They are athletic and are learning the game quickly. We all can imagine what would happen if you had a large mayonnaise jar full with live bees. If you shake the jar and open it the bees will pour out biting and stinging. D&D are those bees. Fear the Sting!!


North Buffalo Knights by 6

Men’s 5 on 5

The Mavericks / The Ducks +12


Last week the Mavericks beat a highly distracted 716. The Ducks walloped the wings. The Mavericks have a good solid team and bring in the good guys when they are up against a tough team. The Ducks are a tough team and they are coached by a tough minded coach Ty Elliot. It must be pointed out that their Quarterback threw a few very bad passes that kept the wings hope alive. The Ducks have the best deep safety in the league in Quan Ramos. True ball hawk – a defensive specialist.


The Mavericks by 10


716 / Dadbod mafia +26


Last week 726 lost to the mavericks. Dadbod Mafia lost in the last seconds to the cardinals. A Bad Week for 716 last week. They lost to The Mavericks and only came in 3rd. In the Pittsburgh tournament. Ed. Note: Mike Ford sat out the tournament. Even though he sat most of his “valuable” players for the tournament the players that did play most definitely got their asses chewed by Coach(and General Manager) James Foster for the lackluster performance. Dadbod mafia has been playing better but they need to Believe to get over the hump. It’s too bad the embarrassed 716ers will take out their bad week on Dadbod mafia.


716ers by 16+

The Cardinals / The Wings + 13

Last week the Cardinals Pummeled the Dadbod Mafia. The wings got run by the Ducks. The cardinals could be peaking about now. They didn’t have Derek Pew at QB but did very well. The wings are new and raw but held their own against the ducks. Their Quarterback knows how to run an offense. Their defense needs some work. Unbelievably

both teams are 1-3 and are in the mix for the coveted 4th seed and the last playoff spot. We believe the cardinals are a little better offensively and faster defensively.


The Cardinals by 10

5 stories we are working on.


1. In an unofficial office pool the over and under for john Caie getting tossed in the Arthur’s v The Warriors game is 38 minutes.

2. In Other Warriors ’s news John Collins denies he got Butt lifts in the off season “all natural” claims Jcoll.


3. To soften the blow about having to play on the 31st – the free cocktail will be cider and Vodka.


4. Friday night playoffs start next week. BaBoom.


5. 4 months to the tournament……..

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