6:00 Froddo Swaggins / Voo Doo +10


Last Week – Both teams lost. FS got tanked by last place lasertron. Voo Doo got their asses handed to them by End Game.


Garrett had one of his rare - rare – Very rare bad nights. He really didn’t get the team into any kind of rhythm. Voo Doo was horrible. Tommy Scrivani has the hardest gun in the league but what good is it if your players refuse to catch? The clunks and turnovers combined to give Voo Doo the yoo hoo. If you are a Voo Doo fan there is not much to cheer about. They have talent. They are still in the mix. If our boy Scrivani cuts down on the picks and his receivers hang onto a few more passes they have a shot.


Froddo Swaggins by 12+



7:00 Skeezers /ID Falcons + 12

Last Week – Skeezers came back to beat We got em. ID Falcons got walloped by Pali-elites.


After going down 25-0 at half Joey Baggs came in and managed the game superbly and was able to get Skeezers back into the undefeated column. Make no mistake, We got em’ made a ton of mistakes and left the door open but Skeezers roared through it. ID Falcons are a work in progress. They are using the other Streit - Chris at QB and he’s a tad above average. He needs a little work and the IDF defense needs to tighten up a bit.


Skeezers by 12+



8:00 End Game / En Fuego +6

Last Week – End Game chased Voo Doo. En Fuego was embarrassed by Jabronies.


End game continues to impress and played very well on both sides of the ball last week against the under performing Voo Doo. Our boy Dave Eickoff remains in the top 3 QB’s in group 1. Things did not go well for En fuego last week. It wasn’t close. It may turn out that En Fuego possibly have overreached when they went to group 1 in place of Pali-elites. The good news is that our boy Scotty Klussman will be back after missing 2 weeks. Blase now has another target besides George, Matt, Frank, and the other guy. Not counting those guys Klussmann is a real go too option – an Antonio brown if you will.


End game by 8+


9:00 Pali Elites / Travis Henry’s Kids + 14

Last Week – Pali-elites snuck By ID Falcons. Travis Henry’s Kids lost to Vaspian.


Pali-Elites struggled but beat Inter-dimensional falcons. Mudda again was mediocre. Qb Mahmoud Zeidan ( last sessions group 2 MVP) was not sharp. Mohammad Salah? Not much help. This team is doomed to stay in second place if they keep putting in lack luster efforts like last week. Everyone knows what happens when Travis Henry's kids losses a game. They come back and make someone pay. Pay big time. Pay over time. Count on these guys to come and throw out the trash. The trash being pale-Elites. Expect Travis Henry’s kids to bring the Boom and bring it by the truckload. It’s time to worry about pali-elites health.


Pali-Elites by 12



10:00 Jabronies / Friendship Club +12

Last Week Jabronies pissed on En Fuego. Friendship Club


Jabronies are starting to grate on everyone's last nerves. They are up to their old tricks. Sketchy roster moves, refusing to wear their assigned color ( some of their team wore the other teams blue after they were asked that day not too), and according to Moh Kleckler went all Jeremy Burr on poor Matt Kieta after they guy made the mistake of catching the ball in front of Kleckler. Kleckler claims Kieta called him “fat” so he blasted him into the wall. Rest assured Joe K and Friendship Club won’t put up with that nonsense. Kleckler will get a Nike spike up his ass by a Bernel sister if he or the other jabronithugs pull any of that Hosegarden horseshit. If it’s a nice clean game the jabronies should win but count on Friendship club to give them a run.


Jabronies by 10


11:00 Select / We got em +4

Last Week Select had off. We got em blew the record for being up at halftime then shitting the bed.


Select is decent, have a nice tight team and can hang with just about anyone. We got em are very young. They can fly and score. What they are bad at is adjusting on the go. Last week Skeezers in a last ditch chance to win after going down 25-0 not only switched Qb’s but switched to a 2-3 or 1-3 and WGE did not respond with a quick hit offense. WGE’s girls are painfully slow so WGE has to hit them short and quick. Jimmy and Select know the game well and tactically should beat these kids.


Select by 2+





Both teams won last week and may show up to scout.


5 things to note.


1. We got em plays at 11. being past their bedtime they forfeited last time. They may again.


2. Both Irish Parades are canceled. Bar parties are still on. Go figure.


3. The governor has declared no gatherings of people larger than 250 so get to the fieldhouse early before the doors close.


4. Jabronies were fined $15 for not wearing lt. Gray. Next time it’s $50.

5. there has to be 50 teams committed by April 1st for the Day at the Ralph tournament to happen. It’s touch and go. Talk to your people. We want to sit in the good sections for a change.

▲ …. Skeezers -

Won again making it look easy against The Falcons. Just give them the trophy.



▲ …. Froddo swaggins -

Another strong performance by Garrett. After letting Voo Doo tie them 18-18 they yawned, dropped the hammer, and won 69-18.



▲ …. Select -

They are very quietly climbing the golden ladder and getting back in the mix scoring 55 against We Got em'


▲ …. End Game -

Hang on to beat En Fuego. Face a big test against hated Lasertron.



◄► …. Pali-elites -.

Again they won but not with much artistry. Moh Salah Refused to play so he could go have cocktails with his business partner Dave. It’s hard to take these guys seriously.


◄► …. Brandon Williamsom Voo Doo -.

Our guy set the pace and was a inspiration to everyone when he brought the idea of Social distance during the Corona Era to the  next level by refusing to catch any ball thrown to him. Bdogg made every drop an education of how to clunk a ball with artistry and hygiene.



▼….. En Fuego -.

Another Ugly loss. Down by 10 they had the ball at the 12. Blase thew a perfect pass to Good guy George at the 1. Instead of kneeling down for the needed gender Td our boy scored. Whoops. Game over.




▼…...Inter-dimensional Falcons.

Got blown out again but their guy made the catch of the year by going up and bring down a one handed TD pass that Andy clearly tried to throw away.


▼….. Lasertron / Vaspian-

Both teams smugly took the night off so they could take part in the St. Patty’s parades and parties. How’d that work out?




▼….. Moh -

Not good. No real leadership:

1. Forcing teams play during a world wide pandemic.

2. Stripping Friendship club of an Historic win because of a tiny roster oversight.

3. Fining teams when they forget their uniforms.


In these troubling times where the league needs a strong leader its time for him to step aside and let a stronger leader take over before it’s too late. Like Klusmann.

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