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Last week..

Primetime. - 22 / Gray Hair Don't care -  22

Balls deep - 34 / The Avengers - 8

Pali-Elites - 40 / Battaglia's Liddle Weapon - 36


Pali-Elites vs The Avengers +18

Every team, player, and league official are rooting for the Avengers. Even the guys that scoops up golf the balls at the dome want the Avengers to win. The Pali-Elites were on the ropes last week and then a few defensive breakdowns by BLW and they caught enough breaks to pull one out. The Avengers offense is as week as the Sabres powerplay. We don’t know how these guys snuck into the playoffs in the last outdoor league but they are stinking up the place for indoor.


Pali-Elites by 12+

Prime Time vs Battaglia’s Liddle weapon +6

It’s strange but BLW needs a win badly. Last week they really couldn’t stop the long ball by hated and soft Pali-Elites and they have to shake the thinking that any ball caught near the goal-line is a TD as long as you wave a body part near the end-zone. Prime time can crush anyone IF they all show up. The have the talent and the receivers. Jmmie Cellotto can throw deep better than the guy from Pali-Elites so BLW better be ready.


Prime time by 8.

Gray Hair Don’t Care vs Balls deep + 10

This game will be no contest. GHDC has the veterans that will simply make Balls deep look foolish. Fans of Chaos should keep an eye on this game because this could be the game that Shakota finely losses it and his head will explode like in the cartoons. the problem for balls Deep is that GHDC are not the Avengers and Balls Deep beat them up last week so now they think they’re good. They’re not. If GHDC is finally going to get a loss it's not going to be to these clowns.


GHDC by 8

Last week..

Arthurs - 36 / Team Elite - 32

M/ile Plugs - 32 / Inter-Dimensional Falcons – 16

Select  - 21 / Team Apocalypse - 19


Mileplugs vs Team Apocalypse +8

MilePlugs are on the fast track to excellence. They are 2-0 and their roster seems set. They are a fine mixture of free agents, family, and friends that looks to be pointed in the right direction. Although Team Apocalypse are winless they’ll find a way (hopefully) to get into the playoffs. They seem to be taking a little longer to pickup the indoor game after dominating the outdoor. They get a little better each week.


Mileplugs By 6


Inter-dimensional Falcon’s vs Arthur’s+4

Shockingly IDF bowed last week to Mileplugs. A lot of money was lost and handed over to the M/ile bookies in the bar afterwards. people are pissed Not so shockingly Team Elite went way ahead of Arthur’s and quickly collapsed when the two-headed qB system by team Elite broke down. Arthur's pounced. We lament that IDF’s downfall was more on Moh’s dis-organized effort to send IDF around the county before informing them where the game was played a large part in their poor effort. Arthur’s still brings the same 6-7 people to each game and they still rock the house. They are raw but fun to watch. They like to go deep ball especially in the dome where the roof is not a factor and Qb's can throw as high and deep as the want. We like their chances and they will be better if Jimmy ever shows up.


IDF by 10. 


Select vs. Team Elite+7

This is what the Boom is all about. Select came out of the gate swinging. They lit up Team Apocalypse by using a back-up QB and waves of offensive weapons. Papa Mark Harzynski directs the show and is still nursing some sort of uterus problem so he still can’t play. Team Elite is a major disappointment. Weak QB play down the stretch – they tried to sneak illegal players from other teams into the game and then when all else failed used tried and true arguement – "the refs cost us the game". The refs can’t help your Qb find wide-open receivers. 


Select by 10


The Big 5

1. Sign-ups have started for session II. The price is $690 / 7 games plus playoffs. The last week will be in the Golf Dome along with the playoffs.

2. What Luck their was drone video of the Renee Lantz goaline play. Great catch – no touch down.

3. February Tournament update. It’s been a long while since we’ve been in the fieldhouse. Covid. One Co-ed spot left.

4. Speaking of tournaments. Next one is planned for March 19th.

5. Big announcement for the spring session is coming.

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