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Select vs M/ile Hox +4


obviously both teams want this bad. M/ile Hox won last week beating Philly Special. Select lost on the last play when mark Hardzinski dropped a winner in the end zone. Select was using Jimmy Celotto instead of the tator tot guy. They were short handed but played well. The big question; Can a team build around one superstar not matter how great he is? M/ile Hox has been relying heavily on Superstud Mudda – maybe way too heavily. Our guy had numerous tds and pics last game but Select will triple team him and not throw his way. Mile Hox lady player torrie Debbins has been a force but lives in the gravity of Muddas gravity of greatness. Select has a nice short game – Hox does not.


Select by 10



En Fuego vs Uncle Ricos +10


En fuego inched by Select. Uncle Ricos played but forfeited against Vaspian (not good). En fuego is playing out of their skull since Blase’ took back QB control. They have the best record in the league. George Lombardo is the En fuego MVP. Dude has the height, speed, and desire. Uncle Rico’s are the mailmen in reverse. If it snows, sleets, rains. or the dead of night most of their players stay home. We don’t know what squad will show but if the whole team shows they have a real shot. If.


En Fuego by only 6




If all holds true to form we think Select will show with a fill team and this time take the victory.


Select 34 En Fuego by 16






End Game / Froddo swaggins +2


Big game. End game beat Slytherin in the end zone on the last play. Froddo Swaggins blew out lasertron.

End game has been playing well. QB Dave has managed the games nicely and not made mistakes which is key in big time games. Speaking of Big time Garret Bessing is money. Some smaller countries are turning away from basing their currency against the U.S. dollar and turning to Bessing bucks. He is cash. His big dick energy can’t be measured with current measuring devices owned by the league – no way to calibrate. If Froddo swaggins losses it will be on the team and not GB. End Game does fall into defensive lapses. GB will make them pay. End Game has a slightly better short game.

Froddo swaggins by 10.


Jabronies / Lasertron +5


Jabronies beat friendship club on a last second pick 6. Lasertron got blown out by Froddo swaggins. If you’re your Lasertron QB Dean “the Dream” Thompson you have to ask what you did to the football Gods when they stuck you to this bunch. Very uncoachable, very white, not part of the hip hop nation. Jabronies have bought solidly into the tight ends in motion winning method via-a vie bringing 4 people and stocking up with a bevy of non-roster stars and hoping they don’t get caught. They used it last week . It works but it’s not very effective. Unlike other leagues Moh actually enjoys bringing the hammer down on cheating teams. He thrives on it. Lasertron can beat anyone in the division – they beat Jabronies just 2 weeks ago. They just gotta get focused. Joe Miano has had a very good season but plays better when he’s not forced to play defense. He needs to hold the ball like a pacifier when the other team is on offense. We predict the wide open spaces of Sportsplex will play with lasertrons Mike Rawjunks head and he’ll be even more drop prone.


Jabronies by 6




Froddo Swaggins by 4 over Jabronies.


5 quick deals.


1. We got em is on the tournament bubble. They pulled out of the league at the last minute (again) and Moh is dangling a tournament spot for league play.


2. En Fuego has been warned about the Scott Klussmann human rain delay. The guy gets hurt every other play and rolls on the ground moaning like a 7th grade girl trying to get out of gym class. that’s one of many reasons Beth from Bobby’s team got the lifetime boot, too much rolling/moaning time. If our boy SK can’t keep his tampon string in his shorts he can’t keep holding the game up.


3. The shit the bed brothers ( Dave Wilbern & Mo Salah) have signed with Tommy Scrivani Voodoo team.


4. The atomic butt boys (Ekleck & Dave Baker) will again be with jabronies in session 2


5. Session 2 has a new player on 2 teams rule. Check the website for rules.


▲ …. Garrett Beessing -

Demolished a surging Lasertron. MVP race down to 3 players.


▲ …. The select / En Fuego Game

For first place. The game went back and forth and went down to the last play where mark Harzynski can’t hang on to a TD pass.


▲ …. Slytherin in the End zone

Needed a win and lasertron loss to make the playoffs. They gave all they had. It went down to a less second 2 point conversion for the win – they missed.


▲ …. Group 2 MVP race -

Very close, very exciting. It’s Down to Blase Laduca, Mudda, and Jack Cody.


◄► …. End Game -.

They won and secured second seed but 3 times allowed Slytherin in the end zone to come back and almost lost the game.


◄► …. Mile Hox -

Yes they won big but they beat another short-handed team. They won without elegance or artistry. Very sloppy.


▼…. Travis (no last name needed)

Friendship club fought back against Jabronies to tie. Joe k was having another career day and Travis insisted on throwing on the last play. Jabronies picked it off and scored on the last play.




▼….. Uncle Rico’s -


Slipped in a Blame on! D1 non-roster QB in order to cheat against Vaspian. The M/ile league is not like the other league where rosters are a joke and Mr. Ayo threatens and does nothing. Vaspian was awarded a forfeit win and Uncle Ricos were fined.




▼….. Lasertron -.

With the 4th playoff spot on their pocket secured they came up with a mediocre effort and lost against Froddo swaggins.




▼…...Klussmenn, Scott -

Kept getting “hurt” every time he was beat deep or when he couldn’t get open he grasped a body part and rolled around in agony on the turf and held the game up. Moh should insist Klussman get a checkup and sign-off from a licensed Gynecologist before being allowed back on the field.