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Week 6 – This is It… Play Offs / championships. The best of the Best square off.

Last week

La Ballers – 32 / Team Apocalypse - 29

Avengers – 38 / Fort Knox - 0

LFD Elite - 33 / Straight Outta Retirement - 0

Mean machine – 21 / TBA – 0


Avengers / La Ballers +7

Let us travel Back in time to 3 months to session 2 back to session 2 playoffs. The heavily favored Avengers were up a cool 20 against The Ballers then the floor collapsed. The Ballers game back and the Avengers went home crying. Tony Bing Bong from the Avengers was quick to lay blame. In uncertain order but he pointed fingers at: “new faces” on the Ballers, A guy on the Ballers who threatened to beat up Tony’s fortnight's girlfriend and threatened to have sex with Tony Bing Bong, of course Moh ( who was across the county at the Bills fieldhouse but he clearly sucks) The Ref with Glasses, the wind and lighting in the golf dome, The light skinned ref, the lack of a clearly marked back of the end zone, the dark skinned ref, Vinny from LFD, the ref with the earring, and the Russian navy.

The Ballers fell apart in the last Championship and couldn’t finish. They probably won’t again. The reason? It rests squarely on coach Darryl why?; 1. He may coach the kids well ( we don’t know or frankly care) but these are grown men and women. He’s holding them back – holding them down. These are Thoroughbreds not plough horses, F1’s not taxi’s you have to unleash them not make them play with their feet tied together. Let these birds fly! Unchain them Get your foot off their dicks. 2. He calls his own number way too much in the huddle. Spread the wealth.


The Avengers by 10


TBA ( the Booty Army) / Mean machine + 8

Can you play 3 games in a a day at such a high level? Probably not. Last week TBA ( the Booty Army) players played at the Hose garden and couldn’t get 6 to show for the last regular season game at Nardin and took the loss to mean Machine and the ones that did show were wounded and half speed. Andy smooch smooch lives in the neighborhood or probably wouldn’t have shown at all if he didn't happen to be driving by. This week who knows. It’s Ben Stacks “on” week so they might have enough but they have a lot of "we’ll bring whoever is sitting around the bar and see if Moh let’s them play" in them so we’ll see.

Mean Machine has been coming on strong and they are about the 3rd. best team in the league right now so we’ll look forward what game they bring. TBA ( the Booty Army) is just about out of bodies and there is a mini-covid outbreak going on out there so things could get dicey with TBA ( the Booty Army). This could be another  instance where a playoff team bows out and Fort Knox gets in and gets their ass kicked again.


TBA ( the Booty Army) by 1


TBA - / Avengers + 8


The Avengers by 10

5 Important things to know

1. Commissioner's Cup

Last week The Lfd Elite out lasted (blanked) Straight out Retirement. Both Teams will again face each other in Highmark Stadium June 18th.


2. Toilet Bowl

Team Apocalypse turned down a opportunity to play Fort Knox for the coveted Toilet Bowl ( a real thing ) so far no other takers.

3. Parking this week -

Thank God it's over

Nardin is hosting a big time squash tornament inside the fieldhouse so outdoor parking willbe strained. Park in he back please


4. EMS - Stadium

Since this is will be the Last Co-ed tournament (probably ever) and because of the scary events over at the other league there will be EMS on duty June 18th at Highmark June 18th. Why take chances. We agree.


5. It’s Over....

M/ilesports has been around since 1999. Moh proclaimed that he’d move on when Phyllis retires from her State job. She’s leaving in November. Make him an offer. Better have cash. It includes a July 13th. Date in the Stadium. Double your organazations size or start your own. Text today 716-553-3839


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