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Week 5 / One more week

Gray Hair Don’t Care vs. Balls deep +20 – 5:00

over and under – 84

Gray Hair Don’t Care / - 210

Balls deep / +46


Yes it’s Gray Hair don’t care’s turn to kick the shit out of Balls deep. If Balls deep thinks that GHDC will take their foot off the gas pedal because they are comfortably in first place and Balls Deep is nailed into they basement they can forget it. GHDC doesn’t know how. They go flat out every play. They got the Tiger woods 80 in a 40 foot stomp. Balls deep has a funny, new and innovative defense. Someone gets burnt (happens every series) – the team gathers around and bitches at each other on whose fault it was. Then the other team runs a quick play during the argument and scores. Funny Stuff.


GHDC by 20+



Pali-Elites vs. Mountain Dew me +4 – 6:00

over and under – 54

Mountain Dew me / - 156

Tangerines / +77


This is THEE game. Pali-Elites has really not been tested all session. They have sleep walked through games. They are ripe for the picking. We don’t know how Mountain Dew Me lost against The superfreaks 2 weeks ago but they did. The Pali-Elites don’t do anything special on offense but they do it well. QB Ramz-D is no Mudda but he gets the job done and doesn’t make many mistakes. It makes for good football. Mountain Dew mes QB Scott Mcgregor runs around like a guy at the bar that just got his ass lit on fire. Jordan McGregor has been known to drop a pass or two but otherwise is a very dependable deep threat. Obviously the most valuable McGregor is Scott’s wife Karen who isn’t a Mcgegor by blood and maybe that’s a good Thing. She can play.


Pali-Elites by 1

Bakers Half Dozen vs. 716ers +2 – 7:00

over and under / 67

Bakers Half Dozen + 110

716ers / -95


Now we’re Talking. Second seed is squarely on the line here. For Bakers dozen it’s been a conga line of high-powered subs with no real set line-up. Last week Nick Wendt Showed up ad ran around for awhile. It hasn’t been the same 6 people for the year. The girls continue to contribute at a high level. 716ers are just the opposite. The same people and basically the same plays every week. A quick observation. Neither quarterback – James Cellotto for 716ers or Joe Miano for bakers Dozen have the strongest arms in the division but both will let a drive fizzle once or twice but Joe gets rid of the ball quicker. Celotto runs around behind the line and is prone to getting sacked. No doubt this will be an exciting game and worth the watch.


Bakers dozen by 8



Fort Knox vs. Arthur’s+ 3 - 8:00

over and under – 48

Fort Knox / - 120

Arthur’s / + 88


Not much to see here. While both teams have a good deal of athletic talent neither team’s Quarterback has been outstanding this year. Arthur’s have let a number of guys try their hand ( unsuccessfully) and Seth Fonda has had a spotty attendance record this session and it has made him rusty. Arthur’s finally has a set of girls who show every week and that has helped. Both teams are chasing The tangerines for the 4th and last playoff spot and it’s doubtful either will catch them but we’ll see.


Fort Knox by 1



The Super Freaks vs. The Tangerines +24 – 10:00

over and under – 70

The Super Freaks / -205

The Tangerines / + 76


Probably just a practice game for The Superfreaks. The Tangerines can’t shake off the 30-40% drop rate and the loss of Taylor Mundell has hurt them badly. Last week The superfreaks beat up on Arthur’s using their third string quarterback. The Tangerines receivers dropped at least 3 touchdown passes. Thank God this game is at 10:00 so players from other games won’t be around to see it.


The Superfreaks by 18



1. The Swamp vs. Show me your Td’s game won’t happen. Show me your TD’s forfeited before The Swamp had a chance to.

2. Although Balls deep is mathematically eliminated they promise maximum effort against Bakers Dozen. They promise to hold BD to less than 60.

3. Covid is at a three month high. Western New York has a State high testing rate of 4.7%.If it hits 5% the County health department will start clamping down on rec sports again. Remember to get it over with and get vaccinated and remember if your season is postponed you must blame MOH again. It’s clearly his fault.

4. The Friday night lights league is filling up. Only $380 for 7 weeks plus playoffs.

Speaking of Moh. Congrats to Moh and Phyllis. They became Grand parents for the 4th time. Mutiba Addepegba (Moh for short)


5. If you missed it last week t was sad to see Superfreaks Quarterback john Collins stumbling around at QB when the he was inserted at second string. It's sad to his limited QB skills on display. Thankfully AD yanked him quickly.

Mondays headlines today

1. Gray Hair don’t care score league high 82 points and beats Balls deep!!

2. Arthur’s rally but still lose to Fort Knox!!

3. The Superfreaks make it look easy against the Tangerines – Look forward to showdown against Pali-Elites.

4. Bakers Dozen beats up on 716ers – Celotto tries to trade himself before it's too late!!


5. Mountain Dew me ruins unbeaten streak for pali-Elites!! - Pali – Elites missing key player!!

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