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We are back.. We provide incite to all games and add interesting tid-bits to the week’s games.


716’ers / Tangerines +6 –


Both teams have adequate quarterbacks. Because of Age only 716ers Derek Lee is the grizzled veteran of the league and the top ranked Quarterback. He has a canon but not much in the head. He will throw some erratic throws and will forget himself and uncork some missiles at some poor girls noggin’. They also have our Boy Jimmie Celloto as the backup. The tangerines are a good men’s flag team that are trying their hand at Co-ed. They are smooth and hungry. Bad luck the Bills are playing at Home their #1 QB Anthony “Fort-Night” Fortushniak will be at the game and will miss the start. The tangerines will be QB’d by Tony G. As mentioned the Tangerines are new and the 716ers are not so…


716ers by20



Arthur’s / Fort Knox +8


Arthur’s came within 1 play from winning it all in the spring outdoor league. They are the picture of veteran savvy being in the league for almost 5+ years. These guys can play. Two players to watch: Jimmie Lark and Jack Eggs. In the outdoor league Fort Knox liked to run around and hope for a man to break open. The Seths are fast – very fast but lack the knowledge to get the rock into the garage effectively. Add the fact that Fort Knox picked up Sammy SAS* Rizek from pail-Elites – not a very wise pickup. Arthur’s will quickly teach them a lesson.


Arthur’s by 10


* slow as shit


Show me your Td’s / Diggs Town +4


SMYTD’s is the latest alliteration by the Bills Mafia / Dark Star/Horses asses Crew. They have no real upside no reason to get excited. Corey Turbin talks a big game but in big games he tends to shit the bed in Bigger games. Their best player Tony “la silla eléctrica” Chairamonte is 10% talent and 90% mouth. Diggs town – now we’re talking. Diggs town is the Old inter-dimensional Falcons. No doubt Jeremy Streit will QB after Fred Isler embarrasses himself and flames out. We feel that Diggs town is the more talented team but it might take a game or 2 to gel.


Show me your Td’s by 8


Bill$ / Shamrocks -pp

Odds and Ends

1. 716ers is the latest team to try the old za-zing. Here’s how it works: You hand a roster in on time, then a day or two before the season starts you hand in a new roster with upgraded players. When our boy Moh says no-no the team attempting the scam tries the following or some close variation: 1. “If you don’t let us play with these players we’ll have to forfeit every game”. 2.”We lost 2-3 players because they said your league sucks and if you don’t let these D1 players play your league will suck worse!” When that doesn’t work: “We demand our money back because you won’t let us play with our friends!”. The Atomic Butt-boys were famous for the old za-zing. It’s tried more and more in tournaments when everyone’s back is against the wall. We hate Moh more than anyone – and we know you can use the Jedi mind trick on the people who run the other leagues where roster rules are for suckers but it’s been tried countless times and it doesn’t work here.

2. Speaking of Tournaments the Indoor tournament is February 13th. The Bills have informed M/ilesports that if the Bills get in the Superbowl they will need the fieldhouse the 12th so count on the date moving.

3. More tournament news. The long delayed Outdoor Stadium tournament is tentatively rescheduled for Saturday June 12th from noon to 8pm. It is limited to 16 co-ed teams and 16 men’s flag teams. Spots are reserved for M/ile teams first. There will be a 1 pitch Men’s softball game at 11am. The first ever softball game to be played at the Ralph.

4. The indoor league has a bunch of new teams – some won’t start until next week because of the Bills game. The brand keeps getting bigger and better.

5. KO lounge is Open!! next week go have a shot.

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