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Week five outdoor – weather? What weather? Last week the league went into the fieldhouse when the weather stayed sour.

Gray hair don’t care vs. Wolfpack +12

Last week Wolfpack ran up a huge lead then had to hit the jets again at the end to pull ahead of Bubblegum bandits. Gray hair don’t care forfeited. The Wolfpack has been able to get to the next level behind the quaterbacking of Mike. He has been awesome and should get the start at the stadium. Gray hair don’t care is still smarting from Moh slamming the door on their D1 pipeline. Word out is they are going the Mike Rawdin, Xavier Willaims route- Good players but the wolfpack is bringing the chemistry. They need to step up on defense a little more Bubblegum Bandits ran circles around them.


Wolf Pack by 3


Superfreaks II vs. The Bison’s + 7


Superfreaks are solid. They beat Gray Hair don’t care without firing a shot last week. Superfreaks were ready to go. The Bison’s are sadly a Goldilocks team. They can only play at 8:30 – In perfect weather as long as the other team isn’t too good. Last week they had a chance to play indoor at 9:30 and they still backed down. As of Friday morning the weather looked good so league officials are crossing their fingers that the game will go on. Superfreaks are using their 3rd string QB so that might get The Bison’s out of their cave and onto the field. Dylan Jaloza now throws for The Bison's.


Super freaks by 12

Purple Tailgators / Balls deep +15

The last time these two played it was the gangster game and Shakota from balls deep lost his mind and wanted to go G on everyone. Thankfully it’s camping season and Shakota will be out fishing or something. Last week the remaining Balls deep crew put up 44.  Nice points but still gave up 80+. Defense is not their strong suit.



Purple tailgators by 12.

Past our prime vs. Bubblegum Bandits +20

POP put up 88 last week. The Bubblegum Bandits fell behind the Wolfpack but hung on like pitbulls to come back and keep it close. The bubblegum bandits need to stiffen up their defense. Their girls are raw rookies and look lost on some plays but don't back down. The girls on Past our Prime are the leagues best and are making Hogan look good.


Past our prime by 30



1. He stadium tournament is upon us. There are still a few team spots open. Get off the beach for a day and help raise some funds for the Buffalo Animal shelter. Tickets are $9 in advance. The beer concession will be open.

2. The summer league starts June 26th.

3. This will definitive be the last stadium tournament. We were there and heard Phyllis threatening divorce if Moh planned another one.

4. Last Friday 39 degrees and raining. Quick thinking by League officials to get the fieldhouse open.

5. Playoffs and Championships – June 25th.