Kickball Tournament Rules

we start at 7:00PM

please arrive 30 minutes early


No outside food or drink is allowed

the concession and beer stands will be open - any player or fan caught with outside alcohol will be removed

Each team plays 3 games

games are 6 innings

no inning can start after 40 minutes


Teams consist of 5 guys / 5 girls plus subs

Teams can kick 14 people

players can rotate in and out of the field


Kicking order must be guy/girl etc.

If a guy walks the girl automatically walks and the guy goes to second.

after the 3rd strike or foul a kicker is out.


girls can bunt guys cannot

if guy bunts ( slows down or stops his foot ) he is out.


The ball must cross the front of the plate or it is a foul ball.

If a player hits another in the face or head in an unsafe manner they are safe.


after a game a team receives points

100 for a win

50 for a tie

25 for a loss

1/2 pt for each run scored

1/4 for point differential

second and 3rd rounds teams get matched up by pts.


Milesports adheres to a strict no arguing policy. After a play you can have your say but the arguing with the ump and the other team ends when the next play starts.

Tournament Kickball teams

1. Blue balls

2. Kicks alot







Questions? text 553-3839

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