Social distancing rule.

Remember these are in place to allow for you safety and focus to meet standards to be allowed to play.


1. Force outs are normal force outs – no cones come into play.

2. Tag outs. Instead of the tag and the slide IF the basemen catches the ball clean (on the base) before the runner reaches the cone – they are out. If the runner reaches the cone area in the cones they are safe.

Again the cones DO not come into play during force outs.

3. If there is a rundown ( pickle a runner must be tagged)

4. The umpire will wear a face shield or mask.

5. When the game is over please vacate the bench area as soon as possible so the other team can set up.

6. Do not leave any trash in your bench area..if there are no totes bring your garbage with you.

Ump schedule This week

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